La Caravelle GO GREEN!

We sincerely believe that the hotel and restaurant industry has no reason to exist if it exists to the detriment of Nature and People, we are committed to practicing our professions with this respect.

Our House has always pursued a certain virtue inherited from good sense from ancient times.

Of course, it is essential to push ever further this quest for Zero or Positive Impact through our economic activities.

At La Caravelle, we believe in a progressive, proactive and positive approach to Sustainable Development. So, every year we set new objectives to further reduce our impact on the environment, and on the health of our customers or our teams, or the community around us.

The La Caravelle establishment

In the “Our History” page we explain that there have been 4 successive generations at the helm of La Caravelle, an old and therefore energy-intensive building.

Every year it is necessary to improve and maintain the establishment in order to improve water and energy management while caring for the environment and people.

As in 2018, when the local company Komilfo Villenave in Parentis en Born, completely redone the veranda (catering room) which considerably improved energy loss and positively changed the work of the different teams by significantly reducing pollution. sound.

Or in 2023, with the support of the region, the department and Logis:

  • The redevelopment of the bathrooms made it possible to improve the management of water and energy consumption and above all made the work of maintenance workers easier.
  • Changing the neon sign to an LED sign optimizes operating time and therefore reduces visual pollution and energy expenditure.

When we furnish or redevelop rooms, living rooms, various spaces (new purchases or “re-enchantment”) we favor local businesses or craftsmen.

On the household side, we favor Ecocert cleaning products, better for the planet and for our employees.

Cooking and restaurant side

Since 2020, we have tried to respect the cycle of the seasons and encourage locavore as much as possible.

This is made possible by the implementation of a single menu on the slate and frequent changes. We limit the use of fruits, vegetables and other out-of-season and well-traveled products (with the notable exception of commonly consumed citrus fruits, bananas, coffee, tea, chocolate and spices).

We accept being dependent on the catch of the day, whether certain fish are not available, and respecting marine resources.

In addition, we refrain from using species whose stock is currently insufficient. The vast majority of products offered are French fishing; it can sometimes be Spanish (Basque Country or Catalonia). Sustainable development is as delicious as it is virtuous!

The recipes are designed to eradicate waste; Surplus food is revalued and redesigned both in the daily menu and in the staff menus.

In 2019, we stopped using filter coffee and converted to bulk and bean coffees. Our House serves several thousand coffees each year.

Room side

Individual plastic welcome products have been replaced by refillable containers and quality products from organic farming or fair trade. This allows us to avoid throwing away several hundred kilos of plastic per year.

In the near future, we want to completely eliminate disposable plastic. We do not offer individual pod coffee makers (Nespresso type) in our rooms. On the other hand, we prefer to offer our guests paper filters, teas and herbal teas.

Used bathroom linen is recycled into household rags.

The furniture is preferably “up-cycled” by local artisans.

We generally wait until the end of the life of our electrical appliances to change them (TV, telephone, etc.) and donate them to different associations. This is also the case for various fabrics or other objects. For example, in 2023, more than thirty blankets and duvets were donated to an association helping Ukrainian migrants.

Political side & social and societal responsibility

  • It may seem basic, but we strive to respect the work-life balance of our employees as much as possible. Work schedules are prepared to provide maximum personal time. Overtime is declared and paid; and/or they are caught up or modulated for contracts providing for it. The opening days of our restaurant have been revised to integrate the dimension of well-being at work; thus, we have decided to close or reposition certain services.
  • Although we are a seasonal company, our team has a large proportion of Permanent Employment Contracts. Long-term seasonal contracts (8 months) are preferred for other jobs. Thus, turnover is low at La Caravelle, and a certain number of employees have been with us for more than 20 years. Finally, we ensure that we respect “senior” employment and encourage continued employment for those who have had life accidents.

We are not perfect, there is still a lot to accomplish. However, we sincerely believe in this approach, we strive to do what we say, without ever giving in to the cynicism of “greenwashing”. This vision of a cleaner, more caring, more respectful world is also shared by our fellow Logis Hôtel hoteliers. Collaborators, customers, suppliers… Everyone is aware of the responsibility that each of them holds, and we are happy and proud to be able to count on their support and sincere commitment.

Nicole and Marion Charlotteaux